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I am Jayla B! I help entrepreneurs and business owners with digital marketing, branding and design. I’m a Designer, Brand Strategy + Biz Coach that wants to help transform your biz into a Visionary Brand–which is, in other words, a brand built for longevity, positioned with authority, and magnetizes clients. I’m the powerhouse that brings your brand + biz together to create a Brand with a Vision. Furthermore, I dive deep to help you find your core message, design a visual identity that reflects your value and then to create your biz structure, website and marketing strategies capable of building your credibility and converting clients. 

 Above all, I built my biz from the ground up and want to help you do the same and be successful! That is to say that with me, you’re sure to: position yourself + brand as an authority, command premium pricing, and attract ideal clients into your biz.

If you think you’re ready to work together, then book a call with me and let’s get started! If you just want more general information, shoot me a message and I’ll email you within 48 biz hours! 

You can book a Consultation call (meaning, you’re wanting just that–a consultation on your brand + biz), OR you can book a Discovery call with me to get started working together! We’ll see how we can start transforming your biz or thought into a Visionary Brand!

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    branding and design – As a result, I am Jayla B! I, therefore, help entrepreneurs and business owners on the other hand. For example, biz owners that have 3 years or less experience. Furthermore, and most importantly, I’m the powerhouse that brings your brand + biz together to create a Brand with a Vision. As a result, and in addition, YOU get the results you’re looking for. Meanwhile, everyone is happy. In conclusion, I’m your go-to girl, to sum this up!