ULTRAVSN was created BY and FOR the passionate + aspiring entrepreneur looking to build their brand. We are your go-to powerhouse for web, graphic design & brand strategy services. By building a Visionary Brand with us, you’ll be able to set a foundational brand strategy for longevity and attract ideal clients with a visual brand identity that captivates.

My name is Jayla B, and I’m a Designer + Brand Strategist from Tampa, Florida. Florida Gulf Coast University is my Alma Mater, where I earned my B.A. in Marketing and Digital Media Design. I am a multi-passionate soul who likes to express her creativity in many different ways. I love to vlog (I even have my own YouTube channel), I like to craft (vinyl application is my secret talent), I know how to sew my own clothes (I used to make my own in high school), I model occasionally, and most of all, I LOVE all facets of the design world. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my entire adult career in the industry that I love–branding, design and marketing. Whether that was me working at print shops as a print specialist and vinyl installer, or working as lead designer in a published book, or having experience creating marketing campaigns for the athletic department at FGCU, or even starting my own successful side business turning it into my full-time job, I’ve been able to do it all and love mostly every bit of it. Through all of it, I thank God for allowing me to live the life that I live.