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The vision is there. It’s my entrepreneurs and leaders who are building their businesses while trying to make a positive impact in the world, in other words, Visionaries. The vision is there, it’s just a matter of making it a reality.

This is for new entrepreneurs and for growing businesses looking for advice and insight. Moreover, to build genuine relationships along their journey. Building a Brand with a Vision means that you get to have the income, impact, and freedom you want. We’re here to create friendships, connect, share, and get inspired. You can promote your offers in here as well, as long as you share a TON of value first 🙂
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I have LOTS of helpful PDF’s that you can download to guide you on your journey. You give me your email and I’ll give you an unlimited supply of money…kind of, haha. If you use my guides, you WILL see changes in the way you do business and the results you get from the work you’ll put in.


Do you have everything you need in place to launch your brand? Use my brand toolkit as a guide and checklist to make sure you’re covered!


 Learn more about the Brand Strategy Pyramid and what you need to do, RIGHT NOW! Start building your Visionary Brand! Are you ready?


You have to know your stuff….or at least look like you do. Find out how to position yourself as an authority. This is KEY for your biz!


Reaching your goals as a biz owner + entrepreneur is SUPER important! With goals not being met, that leaves a lot of room for doubt. Let’s fix that!


Mindset is essential in the entrepreneurial world. There are going to be days where you question your motive and your outcome. Be prepared!

I’ve made a guide going over the fundamentals I believe you need to have in order to get your biz going! These are the things people DON’T tell you.

We’re all dealing with COVID-19 in one way or another. Make sure your biz is going to survive this pandemic! And you too! The world needs you.

So you’ve established your biz, and you’re stagnant. How about growing? Check out 10 different ways you can grow your biz and take it to the next level.

This is EVERYTHING for service providers like myself. Get higher quality customers that will pay top dollar for your value! Find out how!

BRANDING! It’s my fav! I’ve made this guide to help you as well as my fellow designers with branding. Make sure your brand looks the part!

more words down here. meanwhile, more. therefore, you should join. however, i know you may be hesitant. in other words, you’re scared. for instance, really scared. above all, take risks. In addition, I’m giving you extra. After that, tell me what you think. In conclusion, yes.


If videos are more your speed, check out my educational videos! I use my YouTube channel as well as my Instagram (@ultra.vsn) as resources because of all of the valuable and FREE content I provide via those platforms. Take a look at some of videos or posts! Get out a pen and paper to take notes, too!